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ACCA Manual D Friction Rate Calculator  
  Manufacturer's Blower Data (TESP @ Fan Speed = sCFM)  
Total External Static Pressure (TESP) "wc  
  @ Speed  
  = sCFM  
  additional Device Pressure Losses (DPL)      
typical values       Comments  
0.1 - 0.5   Refrigerant or hot water coil    
0.05 - 0.1   Standard efficiency filter    
0.1 - 0.5   Mid or high efficiency filter    
0.06 - 0.15   Electronic Air Cleaner    
0.03   Supply register or diffuser    
0.03   Return grille    
0.03   Balancing damper    
      Other device    
  Total additional device pressure losses (DPL) 0.14 "wc  
Available Static Pressure for duct pressure losses (ASP)
0.16 "wc  
Total Effective Length (TEL) of longest run   TEL = equivalent length of fittings + length of duct  
Supply TEL ft Return TEL ft TEL= 260 ft  
Design Friction Rate 0.06   "wc/100ft  
  Friction Rate Chart